We are not offering any workshops any more, please checkout Transformatheque who proposes similar activities.

Your child has a creative mind? Always looking for things to do with his/her hands?

Artcycle is a new concept in Brussels proposing weekly workshops on Saturday morning for the children aged 6 to 8 years old. We look forward to accompany your child into the discovery of art and upcycling with different materials.

We propose to work with an upcycle spirit, to recover and transform used objects in order to awaken the interest and curiosity of children for the origin of objects from their daily life. We seek to stimulate their creativity and invite them to become responsible consumers through the creation and give a second life to objects, instead of putting them in the trash ... all with a playful approach.

The workshops are offered by three different artists: Camila Cisneros, visual artist; Tanja Rojc, jeweler; And Ruth Casals, seamstress. Children will discover different working techniques depending on the chosen material: fabric, paper, plastic ... glue, sewing, painting, folding ...

Registrations are for the whole year but payment can be made quarterly if required (contact us if this is your case).