Module 2 - sew an apron

This course is programmed in French. You can join if you are an English-speaking person as long as you can follow the main instructions in French. I can always repeat some basic info in English if you need so.

You are a little less of a beginner now so join this module to continue your learning curve and sew an apron.

3 sessions of 2 1/2 hours to continue to learn and become good friends with your sewing machine so you are then ready to take on Module 3 - sewing with patterns.

You will get a first taste of it is to work with patterns, place your pattern on to the fabric and cut it, how to sew a pocket, how to apply flat binding (biais) and how to hem rounded shapes.

PROMOTION : register for modules 1, 2 and 3 (in any available language) and get a 10% discount on the total price

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