Module 3 - sewing with patterns

We are not offering any workshops any more, please checkout Transformatheque who proposes similar activities.

Two workshops of 3 hours each to learn the theory about working with patterns to create your own (basic) garments. For those already familiar with sewing and using a sewing machine. Ideally you have participated in Module 2 with Larut.

Please note that in order to keep the price affordable this is a theory module. No garment is to be created in the two lessons but you will learn plenty of the useful stuff to make it happen. In the programme: how to take and use your own measurements in order to choose the right pattern size; how to understand, copy and use a simple pattern; and how to adapt that pattern to your own measurements.

If times allows depending on the rythm of the group some practical exercices on darts and other practical techniques will be done.

As usual the sewing machines, rules, measuring tapes, pins and needles are available in the class. The fabric, the thread and the pattern paper are not included. You will receive the details about what to bring/buy after reception of payment.